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Our Story


We’re here to bring about change…

Meet the team
GoBank Team

and shake up the powerbank industry...

You’ve probably noticed that we’re a little different, and we’re not your average start-up and we’re proud of that. We’re also not your average corporate suit and tie enterprise and we don’t want to be.

Our Vision

Everyone has a vision, and we’re only at the beginning of ours. What you’re seeing now is just the surface of where we’re going to take GoBank and we’re excited to bring you stage 1.

It’s All About Being Disruptive

We like different because being different brings about change and that’s what our plan is, we’re here to bring about change and shake up the powerbank industry.

And we’re only just beginning to touch the surface. Our tech will help shape people’s behavioural patterns. That’s our vision (which might have been based around one hot and a steamy cup of coffee!). 

We know you’re going to love what we’ve got brewed, so stay tuned!


Our Why

To give peace of mind and freedom to enjoy the moments that matter in life

The way we give peace of mind, is by making user friendly, and easily accessible products to help you stay connected

We just happen to rent portable smart phone chargers